Разработка логотипа, сайта, бренда, фирменного стиля

    Web design studio FloMaster® offers integrated solutions in development, design, hosting, follow up and advertisement of your web-site. High-quality site is a tool for successful development of your business bringing real benefits.

  • Consulting services on the Internet;
  • Turnkey web-site development;
  • Translation of sites into English, Russian or Ukrainian;
  • Development of logos;
  • Banner design (static or animated);
  • Domain name registration;
  • Hosting;
  • Site support on the Internet;
  • Indexation and registration of the site in search systems and catalogues.

  • Consulting services on the Internet.
    We will answer your practical question - absolutely for free! We will provide you with complete information on creation of a web-site, its support, e-commerce and other components of successful Internet business.

    Web-site development:

    :: Internet business card ::
    Presents your company and contains contact information
    Site: Simple design. No additional tools.
    Size: 1-5 sections.
    Price: from 500.

    :: Small project ::
    The project is launched in view of larger site development. Contains fuller contact information about the company and information about its activity.
    Site: Individual design, medium complexity. Reply form.
    Size: 3-8 sections.
    Price: from 1000.

    :: Representation ::
    A compromise option for medium-size company. Contains information about the company, its products and services.
    Site: Individual project. Reply form. Guest book. Price-list update tool.
    Size: 5-10 sections.
    Price: from 1500.

    :: Information project ::
    A project for a well-established company wishing to extend its activities. Contains detailed information about the company, its products/services, etc.
    Site: Individual, complex design. Tools for news and price-list update. Reply form. Guest book / Forum.
    Size: 10-50 sections.
    Price: from 2000.

    Translation into English, Russian, Ukrainian (into any of the mentioned languages).
    The translation is made by translators, who know technical terms.
    Price: agreed price.

    Development of logos.
    Development of your company logo taking into account your corporate style.
    Price: from 300.
    (logo samples)

    Banner development (static, animated).
    Development of advertisement static (from 40) and dynamic (from 60) banners using Flash and GIF-animation technologies.
    (Flash banner samples)

    Domain name registration.
    Domain name registration com.ua, kiev.ua, org, net zones etc. To learn more, please http://www.register.com.ua
    Price: for com.ua, kiev.ua zones - 12 annually

    Hosting (supporting your site on the Internet).
    To learn ore please visit http://www.register.com.ua/price.phtml
    Price: from 20 a year for 20 Mbite on hard drive.

    Supporting your site on the Internet.
    Supporting your site on the Internet, updates, keeping site operational.
    Price: agreed price.

    Indexation and registration of the site in search systems and catalogues.
    Indexation and registration of the site in global, Ukrainian and Russian search systems and catalogues. Registering appropriate key words and site description.
    Price: € 30 for each 10 catalogues/search engines .

    If you take interest in services not listed above - please, send us an e-mail