Разработка логотипа, сайта, бренда, фирменного стиля

Design studio FloMaster® - professional development of the Internet solutions. A site developed by our studio will fully comply with your demands, and, which is even more important, it will satisfy demands of your visitors.

On this page you will find links to projects developed by FloMaster®:

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Site ' Bank Russian Standard '.

Site ' Yakitoria '.
Best Japanese cuisine restaurant-2004 in Kiev.

Site ' Boris '.
Medical clinic "Boris".

Site ' Atlant '.
The Atlant Ukraine - official site.
Production and sale of refrigerators is Atlant (Minsk), and similarly other domestic technique.

Site ' Art Green '.
Company-leader of Art Green is engaged in the landscape planning and by planting of greenery of territories on all Ukraine.

Site ' Maxi Trade '.
Internet-shop on the sale sanitary engineering, baths, furniture for bathrooms.

Site ' NOVIKON '.
Production and sale windows and doors in Odessa, Ukraine.

Site ' Yan Tabachnik'.
Official site of musician.

Site ' Nadra Cup '.
Tournament to on mini-football.

Ukrainian stomatological portal. Certificate-informative resource on stomatology. System of search and selection of clinic, information for specialists.

Site ' VECTOR '.
Legal company. Grant of wide spectrum of services.

Site ' Exclusive Pro Agency '.
Company gives exclusive services in the field of the real estate and video advertising.

Site ' Fito-design studio: Music of flowers'.
Registration of weddings and triumphs by flowers. Dekor of interior. Registration
shops and facades on New Year.

Site ' Detmir '.
Internet shop for kids.

Sale jeans clothes.

Site ' Guild Masters '.
Repair and design of interiors of apartments, offices, houses.

Site ' NOVITEK '.
Supplying the wide spectrum of pharmaceutical equipment.

Site ' SVP MASTER '.
The Kiev building company. Carries out all complex building and repair work, completes the objects with all necessary materials.

Site ' Bakhchisarai combine STROYINDUSTRIYA '.
Largest in Ukraine enterprise on the production of build materials: cement, concrete, dry build mixtures and other.

Site ' Bakhchsarai concrete '.
Site of manufacture and delivery of concrete of marks М100 -М300 М350 М400 in Crimea.

Site ' Interior Design Studio APRIORY '.
Creation interior design of apartment, office, house, shop, restaurant. 3d design of interior. Making of furniture. Kiev, Ukraine.

Site ' Endomed '.
The 'Endomed' Medical Centre is company developing, producing and selling new products, services and technologies.

Site ' Intervention radiology and miniinvazivnaya surgery '.
Medical magazine.

Site ' Magic Health '.
Internet shop of commodities on the care of health.

Site ' RESHOTKA ' .
Making of furniture facades.

Site ' Flora Mart '.
Unique in Ukraine internetshop on the sale of garden commodities:
plants of the opened soil, pot plants and many concomitant commodities.

Site ' Thyssen House '.
VIP hotel of domestic rest in Gurzuf on Black Sea, Ukraine.

Site ' C E T T I '.
Furniture manufacturer.

Site ' EKOMIX '.
TM "EKOMIX". Dry build mixtures; glue for a tile, plaster, gathering for a floor, smooth floor.

Site ' Victon Design Parkett '.
Swiss company engaged in the sale of parquet products.

Site ' FAGRO '.
Office business center in Kiev, Ukraine.

Site ' Realty Best Buy '.
Real estate in Kiev. Sale and purchase of apartments, houses, lease of apartments, sale of lot lands in Ukraine and abroad.

Site ' EuroCapital '.
Financial company. Credits on a car, consumer credit.

Site ' Theater holidays of OS '.
Event-agency. Organization of holidays and events.

Site ' Xim Mash '.
Korostenskyy factory of chemical mashynostroenyya is one of the largest factories on Ukraine.

Site ' Giprotsyvilprombud '.
The core of the institute activity consists of producing the high quality design and survey services.

Site ' Savoy '.
One of the best hotels in Egypt.Hotel complex of Savoy 5*.

Site ' DobroPol '.
Development and registration of interior of house, piling of floor coverages.

Site ' Studio of the Finances '.
Conducting of teaching in business management.

Site ' AccoHoliday '.
International competition-festival of executive art.

Site ' Ukrainian Tourist Agency '.
A tourist firm - Ukrainian Tourist Agency.
[ in development ]

Site ' Lion - T '.
A company makes and sets and aluminiums constructions: windows, doors, facades, winter gardens.

Site ' Ivar - Tour '.
Tourist company. Basic directions are Crimea and Carpathians.

Site ' Jive '.
Fitnes center.

Site ' Reiki '.
Site of masters of Reiki is in Kiev.
It is the most widespread in the world practice of healing and form of work with a body.

Site ' Real - 1 '.
Leading Ukrainian supplier of raw material for production dry building mixtures, ceramics, polymers.

Site ' Advanced Allround Consulting '.
Advanced Allround Consulting - a German company providing a wide range of services relating to the integration of businesses into the European market.

Site ' Ukrainian Continuing Education Dental Centre '.
Ukrainian Continuing Education Dental Centre

Site ' Agrostrom '.
Enterprise is engaged in accompaniment of foreign economic activity of legal entities, providing of custom-broker services, transport-expeditionary activity.

Site ' ARTEX '.
Tourist operator 'Artex' 94'.
[ design of site ]

Site ' Nord Line '.
Sale and delivery of circuits breakers and other electrical engineering products.

Site ' Svit Harmonii '.
Seller of the elite wooden gifts and souvenirs.

Site ' Odesacabel '.
Manufacturer of cables for professional telecommunications.

Site ' New World Grain '.
NWG is a joint venture company operating in Ukraine owned by integrated Australian agribusiness, ABB Grain, and French agro-industrial group, Soufflet.

Site ' Association '.
Ukrainian association of projects organizations.

Site ' Bolshaya progulka and Ukrainian Tourism'.
Magazines: 'Big journey' is a Ukrainian edition covering tourism, leisure and entertainment. 'Ukrainian Tourism' - the analytical edition oriented to the professionals of tourist market.

Site ' Belvedere '.
Representative office of the French company in Ukraine.

Site ' Rugen Miko '.
About dogs chow-chow in Ukraine.

Site ' The Mirror of the World '.
Publishing house ' The Mirror of the World '.

Site' Santosh '.
Site of master of Svami Santosh Adoshi and Ma Amrit Sukrasi.
On him told about different practices for more deep understanding itself and life.

Site' Osho '.
Osho is meditation, weakening work with a body.

Site ' Watering '.
A wide choice of decisions for your garden.

Site ' All types of accumulators '.
Contains information on the company supplying accumulators.

Site ' HIPRO - M '.
Specialised design and production company producing and supplying of modular casing for construction.

Site ' Antique samovars '.
Site presents a private collection of samovars of XVIII - XX centuries.

Ukrainian magazine about auto: carting, motor cycles, how to prepare auto for races.

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