Разработка логотипа, сайта, бренда, фирменного стиля

Welcome to Kiev, Ukraine web-design studio FloMaster®!

Our studio offers design and development of high-auqlity web-sites for your business. As for today more than 300 large commercial and state companies have entrusted to us development of their sites.

If necessary we can provide further support to your site, we register a domain, register your site in search engines and rating systems, create your banner, develop an effective advertising campaign for your site on the Internet.

And now we would like to explain how exactly your web-site can be useful to you:
  • the information about your company will be available at any time on global Internet;

  • unlike in the case of advertising in mass-media, ordering a web-site you get a lasting advertisement (just compare the prices for single advertisement in the media and rates for creation of a web-site);

  • the web-site can be easily modified and updated;
  • geographically remote customers and partners will have an excellent opportunity to get to know you better;

We create sites of almost any level of complexity and promote them on the Web.

Creation of a site is a sophisticated job - so - entrust it to the professionals!